Batman Lunch Box in Apartment

This Batman dual compartment lunch box can be seen sitting in the kitchen of the apartment.

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Batman Statue in Apartment

The batman statue that can be seen in the apartment is titled The Dark Crusader by Alex Ross and stands about 12″ tall.

Game of Thrones Sword in Apartment

The sword that can be seen hanging on the wall in the apartment is from the HBO series Game of Thornes and it is the sword wielded by Jon Snow, Longclaw.

Robosapien Robot in Apartment

The robot toy that can be seen in the apartment is a Robosapien RS Media created by WowWee.  It is an advanced interactive robot with programmable gestures and personalities.

Leonard’s Luke Skywalker FX Lightsaber

Lightsabers appear frequently in The Big Bang Theory.  Leonard uses Luke’s green lightsaber as a flashlight/weapon when he investigates Sheldon’s sudden disappearance in episode 2.

DNA Model In Apartment

The DNA model has appeared in the apartment ever since the pilot episode.  The model was built from multiple smaller models as no one sells a 5ft tall version.